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Hi! I’m Vicki
Photographer and business owner in Calaveras County since 2006. Dedicated to capturing the wedding day you deserve. 


You deserve … be comfortable look and feel your best have the wedding of your dreams!


After 20+ years experience and hundreds of weddings, I can deliver exactly what you deserve. "

"But what if...."


“I don’t like how my (fill-in-the-blank-body-part) looks in pictures.”

north wd_2116_new.jpg

“My fiance hates posing for pictures.”

tissot wd-454.jpg

“We have sensitive family relationships and I’m worried everyone won’t get along.”

I got you!  I’ve perfected the art of posing women to highlight their best features.  You’ll feel like J.Lo walking the red carpet! 

No problem—I’m a boy mom!  I know exactly how to convert a reluctant groom into a runway model.  And as for his friends, well, I’ve had plenty of practice wrangling groomsmen of all ages. 

This is where I shine! Rest assured, before the wedding—together—we will create a detailed plan for your special day. Relax and enjoy as I handle any issues and keep everyone smiling. 

Vicki is very easy to work with. Very Professional and an amazing person. I highly recommend her. She goes above and beyond. Thank you Vicki!  - Cari S. 

Vicki did a really great job with our engagement photos and our wedding photos. She was very flexible and she has the best bank for your buck in the Sacramento area. Even when things didn’t go as planned on our big day, she helped us through it, and made sure everything turned out how we wanted.  - Haily 

We had such a great time working with Vicki. My husband and I weren’t comfortable in front of the camera but she knows all the tricks to put you at ease and make your photos phenomenal. She did our engagement photos, a venue walkthrough, a full day at the wedding, and an album. She also recommended the most beautiful location for our engagement photos. Not only is she talented but she’s fun to work with and has a great personality.  - Danielle 

Here's what my happy clients have to say.


Knowing firsthand how special this moment is to you, and how nervous you may feel, my mission is to make you comfortable and be true to yourself. 

Whether you are having an intimate wedding in a backyard, an elopement on a mountain top or everyone you know at your favorite venue, you need a photographer who 's focus is on you.  It’s all about raw emotions, having fun, and creating memories that will last a lifetime.


Fun facts about Vicki...

  • She is the oldest of three sisters.

  • She has been to an amusement park and not gotten on a ride.

  • She has two boys and three nephews...she has been trying to get them to form a boy band for years!

  • She had been married to her high school sweetheart for 21 years.

  • She has 7 cats, one dog and lots of chickens. 

  • She might wear Birkenstocks to your wedding!


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