About Me

Hi I'm Vicki! Thank you so much for visiting my website. First off you must know I LOVE my awesome family! I am the super proud mom of two boys (17 & 12) they really keep me on my toes and driving all over Calaveras county. They have grown up with Darling Photography and even joke that its their sister!  

My hubby Jeff and I met in high school auto shop, yes I know how to change my own oil....but luckly I found someone to change it for me:)   He's the best and never tells me my crazy ideas are crazy!!

I also have two of the most amazing sisters (see one above), and absolutly LOVE to travel. The pic above is from our last trip to Dubai. 

I'm always on my Mac, only watch recorded TV from the DVR, and live in the middle of know where (at least by my sisters standards).

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42 HWY 26 Suite P

Valley Springs, CA 95252



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